Side-Power is today the worlds leading brand of bow thrusters and stern thrusters, chosen by a vast majority of the leading boat manufacturers around the world.  Side-Power boat thrusters improve your boating experience by:

  • Making boat docking easy
    Thrusters give you total control of your boat and allow you to manoeuvre into and out of tight spots with ease.
  • Giving boating confidence in all situations
    A Side-Power thruster offers the help you need to be in full control when docking and departing regardless of wind conditions and currents.
  • Allowing simple shorthanded boating
    A thruster makes you less dependent on having a skilled crew. The independence a thruster provides will allow you to use your boat whenever you want, whether alone or with others.


Single Prop
Twin Prop
Hydraulic External
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Speed Controlled
Retractable Docking Panels
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