Navpixel NPS1735 17" Touch Screen with built in PC


17" IP65 Sunlight Readable Panel PC

  • Touch Display
  • 1000 Nits Sunlight Readable LCD
  • LED Backlight
  • Advanced Optical Bonding (AOT)
  • High Shock & Vibration Resistance
  • Resistive Touch Support
  • Fascial waterproof to IP65 standards when console mounted
  • 9~36V DC input

NPS1735 is a NAVPIXELTM Intel TM Celerondd M based design panel PC. The extremely high performance with low power consumption computing solution also
supports SATA interface that provides higher data rate and lower CPU usage. Because of the special aluminum alloy casing design, NPS1735 can resist corrosion from most acids and alkaline working environments. In addition, the easy cleaning attribute makes it the first choice for strict hygiene workplaces such as hospital, marine industry, abattoirs and other food processing plants.