Lowrance Broadband 4G Radar 

The Broadband 4G Radar reinvents the standard by transforming the way you will navigate for good. This radar from Lowrance features the Beam Sharpening Technology that allows twice the target separation resolution of a standard 18-inch pulse dome. Now you can view razor-sharp images at every range. With superior short-range target discrimination, it clearly shows docks, boats and moored vessels. And with 50% more range than the previous Broadband 3G radar, you can see crystal clear targets up to 32 nautical miles away and inside storm cells more than 17 nautical miles away. Plus, it's easy to install and emits lesser radiation. So plug this Lowrance Broadband 4G Radar into your Lowrance HDS and navigate clearly and safely.

Lowrance Broadband 4G Radar Features:

  • Beam Sharpening Technology for razor sharp images
  • Quick installation
  • Weather Detection
  • Automatic Clarity
  • Extremely Low Emissions
  • High-Speed Mode
  • Unrivalled Short Range
  • MARPA Target Tracking


  • Description: Broadband Radome
  • Radar Antenna Width: 19"
  • Radar Technology: Broadband FMCW
  • Radar Max Range: 36nm
  • Radar Power Requirements: 12v / 20 watt
  • Radar Features: MARPA, Guard Zones, InstantOn