Simrad 3G Radar 

Building on the award-winning technology of the Simrad 3G Broadband Radar, the worlds first recreational marine Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radome, the Simrad Broadband 3G sets a new standard in radar performance. Delivering two-times greater RF transmit power and 30 percent more range and target detection, the 3G allows boaters to see objects such as small boats and channel markers at greater distances without compromising its exceptional close-range radar capacities over a 24 nautical mile range.

Simrad 3G Broadband Radar Features

  • Crystal clear image; fantastic for tight maneuvers in marinas or in conditions of limited visibility
  • Ensures safety when traveling at night or in low visibility scenarios
  • Great for spotting work-ups for the serious angler
  • Zero radiation hazard
  • Range 24 Nautical Miles
  • InstantOn in seconds
  • Low power draw